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Kletter Law has achieved successful results for more than 10,000 clients through trials, settlements, and administrative hearings. We are members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Multi – Million Dollar Advocates Forum based on our recovery of Millions of dollars for our clients. While many settlement agreements require the amount paid to be confidential, the following results are representative of our cases.

$5,500,000 SETTLEMENT – Wage and hour class action. Drivers of White Cap Construction Supply, a company owned by Home Depot, were consistently being denied their overtime wages and meal breaks. The case settled only after we aggressively advocated for the class of 400 drivers through a long fought battle that eventually resulted in class certification by the San Francisco Superior Court. The parties reached settlement shortly after class certification.

Undisclosed SETTLEMENT – Defamation, breach of contract and wages. A high-profile technology company and its CEO engaged in a public disparagement campaign against their founder and former CEO and breached the conditions of his separation agreement. The parties reached a favorable settlement after Kletter Law attorneys successfully defeated an Anti-SLAPP motion in the early stages of litigation.

$1,250,000 SETTLEMENT – Wage and hour class action. The hourly employees for Boudin Bakeries, a nationally known bakery based in San Francisco, were being denied their meal and rest breaks. More than 900 employees were in the class.

$750,000+ SETTLEMENT – Misclassification of several store managers who were improperly denied overtime.

$700,000 SETTLEMENT – Age, race and gender discrimination. A female African-American employee over the age of 40 was discriminated against by her employer, a high-profile investment banking firm. The employee suffered unequal pay, ongoing discrimination and wrongful termination based on her protected status.

$650,000 SETTLEMENT – Represented an executive of a Fortune 500 company in an employment dispute based upon retaliation.

$600,000+ SETTLEMENT – Partnership dissolution dispute.

$500,000+ SETTLEMENT – Gender discrimination. A female employee was discriminated against and suffered adverse employment action by her employer, a high-profile investment banking firm. The parties reached a settlement pre-litigation.

$500,000+ SETTLEMENT – National and religious discrimination. Muslim employees were wrongfully terminated because of religious bias by their supervisor.

$470,000+ SETTLEMENT – Wage and hour class action againts Carters Retail, Inc.

$435,000 SETTLEMENT – Wage and hour class action on behalf of a class of adult care providers.

$400,000+ SETTLEMENT – Business Executive representative representation.

$325,000 SETTLEMENT – Race discrimination. A female African-American employee was terminated from her job as a health care provider because of racial bias on the part of her supervisor.

$302,000 SETTLEMENT – Security guard employees sued King Secutiry, Inc. for unpaid wages, missed breaks and other wage and hour claims.

$250,000+ VERDICT– Unpaid wages for seven professional drivers.

$180,000 SETTLEMENT – Age and race discrimination. An employee was wrongfully terminated based on his race.

$135,000 SETTLEMENT – Single employee unpaid overtime.

$125,000 SETTLEMENT – Breach of employment contract. An attorney-employee was denied bonus payout pursuant to her employment agreement with a law firm. The parties reached settlement pre-litigation.

$110,000 Severance Agreement – Negotiated a favorable severance for a corporate manager.

$105,000 SETTLEMENT – The employee was wrongfully terminated and was owed overtime wages, missed meals/rest breaks wages, and penalties.

$100,000+ SETTLEMENT – Restaurant employee was misclassified and denied overtime.

$100,000 SETTLEMENT – Pregnancy discrimination. A pregnant, female employee was discriminated against and suffered adverse employment action by her employer, a Fortune 500 credit company, after she announced her pregnancy. The parties reached settlement pre-litigation.

$95,000 SETTLEMENT – An employee was terminated from her job just a few days before she was scheduled to return to work from a medical leave of absence. The employer failed to engage in the interactive process to accommodate her disability. The parties reached settlement pre-litigation.

$90,000 SETTLEMENT – Disability discrimination case.

$85,000 SETTLEMENT – A major retail drugstore had a policy and practice of demanding their Assistant Managers work off the clock. The employee was owed regular wages, overtime wages, and missed meals/rest breaks wages.

$75,000+ SETTLEMENT – Disability discrimination.

$41,000+ SETTLEMENT – An employee was owed overtime wages, missed meal and rest break wages after he was terminated from his position.

$26,000 VERDICT – Unpaid overtime.

Dismissal of Case – Employer representation.

$505,000 VERDICT – Sexual assault, sexual harassment, unlawful imprisonment, unpaid wages and wrongful termination trial verdict in favor of a dental assistant against the harassing dentist and others. Santa Clara County Superior Court.

$425,000 – Gender discrimination.

$170,000+ SETTLEMENT – Details of the case cannot be disclosed.

$160,000 VEREDICT – Plus punitive damages and attorney fees to be determined in a sexual assault at work  and sexual harassment case.

$160,000 SETTLEMENT – Sexual harassment against a female.

$150,000+ SETTLEMENT – Sexual harassment against a female, pre-trial settlement.

$145,000+ SETTLEMENT – Sexual harassment against a male, pre-trial settlement.

$110,000+ SETTLEMENT – Details of the case cannot be disclosed.

$100,000 SETTLEMENT – A female employee was sexually harassed by one of her employer’s clients. The employer failed to investigate and prevent further harassment. The parties reached settlement pre-litigation.

$65,000 SETTLEMENT – Details of the case cannot be disclosed.

$60,000+ SETTLEMENT – Sexual harassment of a female by a female supervisor.

$52,000 SETTLEMENT – Female sexually harassed and retaliated against.

$50,000 SETTLEMENT – A female employee was terminated from her job after she complained of being subjected to sexual harassment and sexual battery by her co-worker. The parties reached settlement just days before trial.

$600,000 SETTLEMENT – Wrongful eviction and negligence.  Multiple tenants were forcibly evicted because of a fire caused by the landlord’s negligence.  After extensive litigation, the parties settled on the eve of trial.

$145,000 SETTLEMENT – Wrongful eviction of a tenant in San Francisco.

$105,000+ Free Rent – Tenant buy-out.

$95,000 Tenant Representation – Tenant buy-out.

$80,000 SETTLEMENT – Rent charged for illegal unit.

$80,000+ Rent charged for illegal unit

Possession of the Premises – Landlord representation.

Neighbor dispute resolution – Advised clients regarding failure to disclose issues.

Action in Partition – Sale of property, equitable division of proceeds (numerous cases).

Earnest Money Deposit Dispute – Successfully resolved dispute (numerous cases).

$165,000 SETTLEMENT – Physical elder abuse and negligence. A female, 86 year old who suffered from Alzheimer Syndrome was physically abused by her nursing care facility when they broke her arm and failed to treat her. The parties settled at the close of discovery and weeks before trial.

$55,000 SETTLEMENT – Assault victim.

Fraudulent Foreclosure Rescue Case – Successfully resolved.

Reverse Mortgage – Step-son took out reverse mortgage without father’s permission–successfully resolved.

Successfully represented more than 10 clients in recovering Long Term Disability benefits from insurers.

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Based on 142 reviews
Cary was very helpful in helping me navigate getting to the next step regarding my new construction. He was interested in learning the details involved and took his time to discuss my concerns. I would highly recommend him!
Julie C.
Julie C.
I needed a local lawyer to answer some difficult questions on an employment issue I had while being a long term employee with my employer. His insight was in valuable and provided me with all my options as well as a few optional plans to follow. Thank you very much Cary.
Mark N.
Mark N.
Cary is simply one of the best in the business. His knowledge of the law is elite, his ability to connect with clients is a game-changer, and the way he puts them at ease no matter how tense the situation can be is really what makes him stand out. I would recommend Cary to anyone even considering hiring an employment attorney. He really leaves zero stones unturned, and achieved the best possible outcome for me.
Dara R.
Dara R.
I found Cary on Yelp. He responded quickly even on a holiday weekend morning. He also set up a face to face meeting right after hearing my case. He gave me professional and useful legal advice on my house selling. Definitely I will hire him again if I have legal advice needs.
Yun L.
Yun L.
I am going to sell a property off market , and was informed that I could use a lawyer to do this. I was not knowledgeable about real estate. Cary Kletter was very informative and explained things very well. He is easy to talk to and makes himself available. I am very glad that I reached out to him.
Louise K.
Louise K.
Cary responded to my inquiry in a timely manner. The conversation with him is clear and straightforward, he not only talked about the legal basis of my case, but also potential pitfalls. The information is very helpful. We will work together if the case have to be pushed forward.
Faye H.
Faye H.
Cary was really helpful in my conversation with him ! He was articulate, to the point and frank about the options regarding my legal matter. He spent time looking through documentation and giving me an informed, thorough response. Loved the experience !
Amit E.
Amit E.
I recently consulted with Cary Kletter regarding a possible wrongful termination case. From the very beginning, Cary responded quickly to my inquiry, which set the tone for our entire interaction. Although I cannot disclose the specifics of my case, I can say that Cary was extremely thorough in explaining the legal process and concepts to someone like myself, who had no prior knowledge of these matters. Cary's professionalism, knowledge, and expertise led to a positive outcome in my case, which exceeded my expectations. Working with him was truly a 10/10 experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Cary Kletter to anyone in need of an employment attorney. You won't be disappointed!
Soumya C.
Soumya C.
I needed help with landlord-tenant law questions. I called Mr. Lee's office. Mr. Lee returned my call and answered all my questions the same day that I called him. I called him 2 other times and he always responded in a timely fashion. I appreciate that Paul was always there when I needed help.
Rose W.
Rose W.
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